Humor Goldvein

In Nightmute City, where the cobblestones whispered of forgotten legends and the mists danced like ancient spirits, Humor Goldvein's nefarious empire cast its shadows. Born of the sinister Ja'tatuu race, Humor, with his bat-like wings and an aura steeped in malevolence, manipulated the city’s underbelly.

His darkened lair, ensconced beneath the city’s fabric, thrummed with the energy of Mana gems, as blue as the moonlit tides. These gems, forged from the very soul-essence of magical beings, were coveted by power-hungry individuals for the augmentation they granted to their arcane might.

But Humor's greed was insatiable; his minions silently abducted Elven children, whose blood was like a font of pure magic. The stolen innocence filled the sapphire depths of the Mana gems, leaving behind empty shells, or worse.