Tidecarver Shellborne

Azure Bay, a coastal jewel where the sea kissed the shores in an eternal embrace, was a place of beauty and wonder, where the elves' songs entwined with the laughter of humans. The coastal town, adorned with ivory towers and lush groves, was enlivened by the Elemental Nexus Institute (ENI), a beacon of arcane wisdom where elementals danced and scholars of various races delved into the mysteries of the arcane.

However, amidst this harmonious tapestry, there was a soul whose lineage hailed from a realm beyond Azure Bay's horizon. Tidecarver, of the Chelon, was an anomaly in the Institute. His scales glistened with the memories of depths unknown to the land-dwellers, and his eyes bore the sorrows of exile. The Chelon race, kin to the ancient tortoises of yore, were guardians of Oceantide Sanctum, an underwater realm where domes of iridescent abalone sheltered civilizations ancient when even the elves were young.

The Chelon, bound by traditions as deep as the abyssal trenches, would forsake any of their own who dared tread upon foreign lands. Thus, Tidecarver, by setting foot on the shores of Azure Bay, had severed his ties to the coral palaces and spiraled seashell halls of his people.

With his family in tow, Tidecarver had fled Oceantide Sanctum to escape the tyrannical grasp of General Shellazar, a warlord whose claws were said to be stained with the blood of dissidents. Shellazar, with his war-helm crafted from the remains of ancient sea-monsters, was a terror that even the bravest Chelon warriors dared not face.

Tidecarver's heart was heavy, but within the halls of the Elemental Nexus Institute, he found purpose. As a janitor, he humbly served, his heart swelling with pride each time he saw young scholars decipher an ancient rune or beckon the flames with a whisper. And though he could not partake in the enchantments and lore, he found solace in an unlikely treasure of the surface world - cheeseburgers. This culinary creation, alien yet delightful, in some small way mended the fragments of his shattered heart.

As days turned into cycles of the moon, a legend began to take form in the halls of ENI - that of Tidecarver, the Lost Guardian of Oceantide Sanctum, who swept the halls with a broom in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other, his heart ever yearning for the ocean depths, but his spirit bound to the hope that burgeoned on the shores of Azure Bay.