widow nightmute

Widow Nightmute

Originally a high elf with pink skin and red hair, Widow was raised in a humble family. Fate, however, led her to become best friends with Bloom, the daughter of King Nightmute. The two girls grew inseparable, and Widow would often sleep over at the palace. They shared a striking resemblance, which they used to their advantage, playing pranks on the queen and occasionally switching places.

One fateful night, the mischievous duo snuck into the royal sword chamber, which housed Nightmute—a giant red-bladed sword. This legendary weapon had been gifted to the king as a peace offering. Bloom, unable to resist the temptation, dared Widow to touch it. To their horror, the sword instantly absorbed into Widow's body.

Panicking, the girls hurried back to Bloom's room before the guards discovered their trespass. There, Widow accidentally summoned the blade, and Bloom, in a moment of carelessness, nicked her thumb on its sharp edge. The cut inflicted by the blade had a devastating effect, turning Bloom into stone. Widow, now distraught, could do nothing to help her friend.

When the king and queen found Widow weeping at the foot of their petrified daughter, the queen broke down, pleading with the gods to bring Bloom back. King Nightmute, however, was driven by the need to protect the royal family's reputation and secure a political marriage with a neighboring country. He devised a plan to have Widow impersonate Bloom, concealing the tragic accident from the world.

The king presented Widow with an ultimatum: assume Bloom's identity or face the execution of her parents for the death of the princess. Overwhelmed by fear and left with no choice, the young Widow reluctantly agreed to the king's proposal.

Overwhelmed with guilt and believing herself responsible for the tragic events that unfolded, Widow vowed never to summon the sword again, no matter the circumstances. She was determined to prevent any further suffering caused by the cursed blade and to honor the memory of her true friend, Bloom, and the family she had lost.

Surprise, it turned out that Widow's original name was actually Bloom, and Bloom's name was Widow. As she grew up assuming her friend's identity, Bloom—now known as "Widow"—lived under the constant threat of her real family's execution if she ever dared to defy the king. What she didn't know was that the king had already executed her family to ensure no one would search for the real "Bloom".

Forced to suppress her emotions, Widow dutifully obeyed the king's orders without question. The queen, aware of the cruel deception, remained silent and bided her time. The moment of reckoning finally arrived on Widow's 18th birthday. During the celebrations, the queen exacted her revenge, stabbing the king in the back before taking her own life, bringing an end to the twisted tale of deceit and tragedy.

After becoming queen, Widow was taken in by the royal guild, Bloodmoon. Under the guidance of the guild leader, Mianna Kirby—a human paladin—Widow trained alongside other guild members to hone her skills as a fire weaver. As time passed, she learned to suppress her emotions and became a respected member of the guild.

While Widow was no match for Clayden, a Chelon (turtle-humanoid) who was an expert in ice magic, she held her own in the guild. Similarly, she was still far from reaching the level of Nirn Tazamria, a formidable dark elf hunter accompanied by a massive wolf. However, Widow found solace and companionship in her best friend, Ashleigh, a Felis (cat-humanoid) bard. As they grew closer, there were hints that their relationship might eventually blossom into something more than just friendship.

The peace that Widow enjoyed with the Bloodmoon guild was short-lived. The sword, residing within her soul, began to manifest as a vision only she could see. This apparition, calling itself Amber Anchorage, persistently tried to coax Widow into summoning the blade, promising to make her life easier.

One night, a race of bronze dragonkin attacked the royal palace. Although Bloodmoon quickly dispatched the invaders, the guild decided to launch a retaliatory raid on the dragonkin capital city of Ilamouth. During the battle, Amber finally convinced Widow to relinquish her conscience. As Widow lost consciousness, Amber took control, and when Widow awoke, she found Ilamouth reduced to ashes.

Mianna was thoroughly impressed by the devastating power Widow had unleashed. However, Widow could only gaze upon the sea of petrified dragonkin statues, their expressions frozen in terror. 

As word spread of Widow's incredible power, expectations grew for the city of Nightmute and the high elf race to expand their territory and conquer more lands. The mounting pressure, combined with her responsibilities as queen, led Widow to rely more and more on the sword's power.

To her surprise, she began to enjoy wielding the blade. No longer losing consciousness when she summoned it, Widow started to embrace her newfound might. As she led her people in conquest, blood filled the streets, and her once-compassionate rule turned ruthless. People began to refer to her as "The Blood Queen," a title reflecting the dark path she had chosen to walk.

When Widow used the sword's power, her appearance underwent a transformation. Her skin darkened to resemble that of a drow, and mysterious markings extended from her eyes. Additionally, her eyes gradually changed from their original color to a haunting shade of pinkish-red, reflecting the potent and dangerous force that had taken hold of her.

During a guild meeting one night, Clayden, the ice weaver, voiced concerns about Widow's growing power and its alarming effect on the townspeople. He suggested that she should take a more backseat approach and rule from her throne rather than the front lines. Widow was outraged and angered by this suggestion.

To her disbelief, even Nirn Tazamria agreed with Clayden. Ashleigh, her love, was also reluctant to admit that Clayden was right. Widow argued that without her power, they wouldn't be in the influential position they were in. However, Mianna sided with the others and expelled Widow from the guild, believing it was for the best.

This decision sent Widow into a violent frenzy, allowing Amber to completely overtake her. Unleashing the full wrath of Nightmute, Widow became a whirlwind of destruction. The guild members tried to stop her one by one, but each ultimately fell. Clayden was turned to stone within seconds, and Nirn posed only a slightly greater challenge.

Mianna, however, proved to be a formidable opponent. Wielding two flaming blades and demonstrating incredible speed, she nearly defeated Widow. If not for the high elf's remarkable natural healing abilities, Mianna would have emerged victorious. But with her strength depleted, Widow struck a final, devastating blow, taking down Mianna once and for all.

Terrified, Ashleigh fled and hid as Widow's terrifying fury shook the very foundations of the moon they inhabited. Her incredible strength unleashed violent storms across the kingdom and beyond, causing chaos and destruction. In a desperate bid to save the populace, those on the surface of planet Recluse activated portals to evacuate everyone from the moon to the planet below.

In the midst of her rampage, Widow found Ashleigh. Desperate to bring Widow back to her senses, Ashleigh pleaded with her to stop the madness. But it was too late—consumed by rage, Widow struck down Ashleigh just like the others.

Finally regaining her senses, Widow realized the catastrophic consequences of her actions. In a moment of despair and grief, she unleashed a massive strike on the moon, causing half of it to shatter and disintegrate, leaving a lasting scar on the lunar landscape as a somber reminder of her devastation.

Despite the immense destruction she had wrought, Widow miraculously survived. Regaining full control of her faculties, she was overcome with deep, painful grief as she confronted the consequences of her actions. Shrouded in sadness and shadows, Widow made her way back to her castle and ascended the throne.

There, in a final act of atonement, she stabbed herself with the cursed sword. The blade's power coursed through her, turning her body into stone. In that eternal, frozen state, Widow became a silent testament to the tragic consequences of power left unchecked, and the burden of guilt that had ultimately led her to this solemn fate.

As centuries passed, stories of the tragic events surrounding Widow spread far and wide, evolving from whispered tales to written records. She became a legend, and her story transformed into a religion. As time marched on, the world of Recluse modernized, with advancements in architecture, technology, and science reshaping the landscape.

Eventually, a team of explorers ventured back to the shattered moon, salvaging relics from that fateful night. Among them, a daring scientist sneaked into the royal castle and discovered a stone statue with a ruby-red sword embedded in it. Recognizing its significance, the statue was carefully transported down to the surface of Recluse and placed in the center of Nightmute City.

There, as a monument to the legend of the Blood Queen, the statue of Widow stood, immortalized in stone—a testament to the power and consequences of unchecked ambition, and a reminder of the tragic story that shaped the history of Recluse.

One fateful night, as the statue stood in the town square, a group of mischievous kids dared each other to remove the sword from the stone figure. Succumbing to peer pressure, they managed to extract the sword. Meanwhile, a rookie police officer, Cobra Andaman, noticed the commotion and attempted to apprehend the youngsters.

Outnumbered and facing armed kids, Cobra tried to warn them that what they had done to the statue was a grave offense. But then she realized—the statue had disappeared, and so had the sword. As the kids cornered Cobra and began taunting her, an unexpected figure appeared before her: a high elf with fiery red hair, seemingly materializing out of thin air to intervene in the dangerous situation.

One of the kids, emboldened by fear or bravado, fired their weapon at the mysterious elf, hitting her point-blank. Cobra frantically tried to radio for help, but the kids turned their weapons back on her. However, the enigmatic elf once again stood between them, seemingly unharmed and unfazed by the attack.

Her appearance had changed dramatically: her once-red hair was now stark white, her skin had turned a deep shade of blue, and her eyes bore markings underneath them. Her eyes, now a pinkish-red hue, matched the color of the bright red sword she wielded.

In medio noctis

Inter omnes metus

Et inter omnia somnia

Est una cuius nomen cantabis

Illa ibi est

Intus est

Sanguis est


Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Nomen eius time

Gaudete in praesentia eius

Iterum ambulat

In nocte, sola manet

Incubus tremescit in conspectu eius

Timor fugit ad umbrae

Terra excitatur in itinere eius

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Inferus portas suas aperit

Daemonia fugiunt a conspectu eius

Immola noctem tuam

Ira, furor, ira, paenitentia

In unum gladium conflata

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis

Noctemuta, regina sanguinis